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"Profile education" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų topic'as apie profilinį mokymą, jo privalumus ir trūkumus, egzaminų sistemą.
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"Shopping" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų kalbos rašinys/topikas tema "Shopping"
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"Music in my life" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Trumpas rašinys anglų kalboje apie muziką mano gyvenimę (music in my life).
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"H. G. Wells" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Rašinys/Referatas/Topikas apie H. G. Wells anglų kalba. Ištrauka: H. G. Wells (1866-1946) found one in what may be called Liberalism-the belief that man's future lies on earth, not in heaven, and that, with scientific and social progress, an earthly paradise may eventually be built. Wells is one of the great figures of modern literature.
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"Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo įskaitos topikai" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Education Free time, entertainment Shopping Health and body care Services
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"Ireland" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Anglų topikas tema - Airija
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"Anglų kalbėjimo temos" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Anglų kalbos įskaitos temos: Personal identification Services House and home Flora Fauna Television Museums of Kaunas Travelling Traffic NATO Social affairs Education in GB and Lithuania The School "Saule" gymnasium Food & drink Smoking Weather forecasts Seasons of the year Foreign languages Charity Shopping Littering Crimes Lithuania Elections
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"21 Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo temos" - Anglų kalba - Konspektas
21 Anglų įskaitos temos: Lithuania, Holidays in Lithuania, London, Vilnius, The cities of Great Britain, My Famous writer (Charles Dickens), The Seasons of the year, Theatre, Great Britain, Cinema, At the doctors, Famous people of Great Britain and America, Travelling, Letter Writing, My plans to the future, Famous people of Lithuania, My school, My flat, My day-off, My working day, Sports.
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"Norway and Scotland" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Norway Scotland Anglų kalbos tema / konspektai tema: Norvegija ir Škotija
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"Turkey" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
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"Anglų kalbos įskaitos kalbėjimo temų špera" - Anglų kalba - Špera
Anglų kalbos įskaitos kalbėjimo temų špera Kalbėjimo įskaitos temų špera. About languages (apie kalbas) The European Union (apie Europos sąjungą) About myself (apie save) Mass media in Lithuania (apie žiniasklaidą) Education and school (švietimas mokykloje) My favorite dish (mano mėgstamiausias patiekalas) Hobbies and leisure time (hobis ir laisvalaikis) My flat (mano butas) Holidays in Lithuanian (atostogos Lietuvoje) Smoking is an unhealthy habit (apie rūkimą) Places (lankytinos vietos) Shopping (apsipirkinėjimas) NATO
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"Christmas" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų topikas tema "Christamas - Kalėdos". One of the most expectetive celebrations, especially for children, is Christmas. It is celebrated on December the 24th- the shortest day of the year.
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"Anglų įskaitos tema "Panevėžys"" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų kalbos įskaitos tema "Panevėžys" "Panevėžys is called the capital of Aukštaitija. It has been the 5th of the largest city in Lithuania for more than a century and now has more than 119 thousand inhabitants. Panevėžys lies on the bank of the river Nevėžis, so its name means „along the Nevėžis“. It is situated in the middle of Lithuania and is halfway between two Baltic capitals- Vilnius and Ryga. Also, the Via Baltica highway runs through the city and connects it to many Scandinavian and West european countries."
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"Energy For The Future" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Energetikams tinkamas referatas anglų kalba. Tema - Ateities Energija (Energy for the future) ...The need for Community support for Renewable Energy is clear. Several of the technologies, especially wind energy, but also small-scale hydro power, energy from biomass, and solar thermal applications, are economically viable and competitive. The others, especially photovoltaic (silicon module panels directly generating electricity from the sun’s light raher than heat), depend only on (how rapidly) increasing demand and thus production volume to achieve the economy of scale necessary for competitiveness with central generation...
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"Arguments for and against the Internet" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Autoriaus komentaras: Anglų topic'as. Aš iš jo aš gavau 9, manau jums irgi padės. :) --- Nowadays computer technology is very important in our lifes.We use them in our house,at work,even in our free time.It's very simple,you just need to click on an iceon and you're surfing the Internet yet.You can download some music which you love,for free.You can just search the information which you need.Or for realxtion you can talk in chat - rooms with over people.It's very simple you just need to type words on a keyboard.But everything has arguments for and against.
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"Charles Spencer Chaplin" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Angliškai aprašytas vieno iš senų laikų žvaigždžių, aktorių Charles Spencer Chaplinas.
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"Safe internet" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų tema - topikas, Saugus internetas - Safe Internet. Įžanga: We live in the age of information. The latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. Now we can find a needed person in a very short time using e-mail, mobile technologies, paging system and others. There are no inaccessible places in the world, so the distances now seem not so big as it looked hundred years ago.
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"Crimes in Lithuania" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Anglų kalbos įskaitos tema "Crimes in Liethunia" (Nusikaltimai Lietuvoje). Monologas. What are the most often committed crimes in Lithuania? Which types of crimes are considered the worst? why? If you were the Minister of Justice, what actions would you take to make people feel safer? What sentences should be given for serious crimes?
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"Faktai apie Lietuvą" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Keletas faktų apie Lietuvą anglų kalboje. Pradinių klasių lygio.
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"What can we do to protect the environment" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų kalbos įskaitos tema "What can we do to protect the enviroment".
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"Anglų kalbos laikai (angliškai)" - Anglų kalba - Konspektas
Present Simple; Present Continuous; Past Simple; Past Continuous; Present Perfect; Past Perfect; The Present Perfect Passive.
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"Alcoholism" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų įskaitos kalbėjimo tema (topikas) apie alkoholizmą. Alchoholism, alchohol, development, effects, history of alchohol
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"Drugs" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų įskaitos tema "Drug" Content: Introduction, Classification, Endocrine Drugs, Anti-infective Drugs, Cardiovascular Drugs, Drugs that Affect the Blood, Central Nervous System Drugs, Anticancer Drugs, Other Drugs, How drugs move through the body, Administration, Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination, Dose-Response Relationship, Receptors, Therapeutic responses and adverse reactions, Drug Interactions, Drug abuse, History, Drug development, Drug regulation.
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"Drugs" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų referatas tema "Drugs" Drug dependence, Opiods, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Cannabis, Inhalants. Drugs are very dangerous and everyone must keep away from them.
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"Suicide" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų referatas tema "Suicide". Prevalence and trends, Methods, Causes, biological perspectives, psychological theories, sociological theories, Prevention, risk factors, signs of suicidal intent, suicide prevention programs, IMpact on others, Attitudes toward suicide,
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