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Moods and emotions
Everyday we face many different emotions and moods. We can generally divide emotions into two types: positive and negative. We could say that some are more positive or negative than others. But it isn't necessarily practical to place them on a linear scale, since each one is a composite of various elements.
I can find many moods in myself too. For example, I always feel happy when summer starts and I feel a little melancholy as summer draws to its end. Speaking about my positive emotions I am cheerful and I feel really blessed when I spend time with my friends. Even when I feel upset or something bad comes up they always help me or just make me laugh. As people use to say: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. One more thing which makes me happy is shopping. I love going to the various clothing stores and buy pretty things. Moreover I am very cheerful and satisfied when I finish something really well that took a little time and effort.
However, I face negative emotions in my life too. I usually feel sad when I really want to tell about something and nobody listens to me. Then I get embarrassed and I don’t want to talk anymore. Also I can get angry, frustrated, and I wonder “why do I have to be your listener?” I also feel moody when it's rainy. Then I don't want to leave my bed and don't want to do anything. One more thing what makes me moody is doing important things at the last minute. I always get angry when something isn’t working, but when it’s the last minute there are so many negative emotions that I really can’t do that thing right. And sometimes I keep saying that I will do it tomorrow or later or any time. Any time means no time. I put things off so long that finally I don’t do them at all.
On balance, I feel like I am normal human with natural emotions and moods. There are many people like me who have their individual emotions. Even those bad feelings can often be instructive. They show us that we can do better. (Every cloud has a silver lining.)


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