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"Avril Lavigne biografija ir jos muzika" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Avril Lavigne biografija ir jos muzika. Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo Topikas.
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"Phrasal verbs" - Anglų kalba - Špera
Anglų kabos veiksmažodžiai-frazės.
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"Anglų įskaitos tema "Keeping in touch"" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Anglų įskaitos tema "Keeping in touch"
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"Topikas anglų kalba apie Europos Sąjungą." - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Topikas anglų kalba apie Europos Sąjungą. The European Union is a supranational organization dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening cooperation among the member states.
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"AMERICAN INTERJECTION" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Referatas anglų kalba "American interjection"
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"Drugs" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų referatas tema "Drugs" Drug dependence, Opiods, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Cannabis, Inhalants. Drugs are very dangerous and everyone must keep away from them.
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"Drugs" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų įskaitos tema "Drug" Content: Introduction, Classification, Endocrine Drugs, Anti-infective Drugs, Cardiovascular Drugs, Drugs that Affect the Blood, Central Nervous System Drugs, Anticancer Drugs, Other Drugs, How drugs move through the body, Administration, Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination, Dose-Response Relationship, Receptors, Therapeutic responses and adverse reactions, Drug Interactions, Drug abuse, History, Drug development, Drug regulation.
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"Alcoholism" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų įskaitos kalbėjimo tema (topikas) apie alkoholizmą. Alchoholism, alchohol, development, effects, history of alchohol
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"AD’S IMPACT TO CREATON OF WOMAN’S IMAGE" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Ad's impact to creation of woman's image. Content: Introduction; The Fundamental Social and Economic influences That Fostered Ad's Rise; Magazines as Medium; The Woman Image in Ieva & Harper’s Bazaar;
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"Westminster Abbey" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Westminster Abbey - Westminsterio vienuolynas. Referatas. The Abbey’s correct title Why Westminster Abbey is famous? History Burials and memorials Some famous people buried in Abbey Coronations How big is the Westminster Abbey?
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"Turkey" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
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"The Environment in Lithuania" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Concerned with environmental deterioration, Lithuanian governments have created several national parks and reservations. The country's flora and fauna have suffered, however, from an almost fanatical drainage of land for agricultural use. Environmental problems of a different nature were created by the development of environmentally unsafe industries, including the Ignalina nuclear power plant, which still operates two reactors similar to those at Chornobyl' (Chernobyl' in Russian), and the chemical and other industries that pollute the air and empty wastes into rivers and lakes. According to calculations by experts, about one-third of Lithuanian territory is covered by polluted air at any given time.
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"An experience that changed my life" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Anglų kalbos topikas (kalbėjimo tema): An experience that changed my life
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"Rainforest" - Anglų kalba - Prezentacija
Kursinis darbas. Prezentacija anglų kalboje tema "Rainforest"
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"Letter of application" - Anglų kalba - Pavyzdys
Letter of application pavyzdys.
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"Malta" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Malta; History; Middle Ages; Knights of Malta and Napoleon; British rule and World War II; Independence; Politics and government; Geography; Islands; Climate; Economy; Military; Religion; Architecture; Culture.
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"Career opportunities in internet technologies and information systems" - Anglų kalba - Namų darbas
Introdution. Job advertisements. Monitoring administrator. Software testing. Store control systems database administrator. Programmer in Vilnius. Web Designer. Internet technologies specialist. Conlusion. European form of cv. Letter of application. Litterature.
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"Growing up with computer" - Anglų kalba - Tyrimas
Tyrimas anglų kalba "Growing up with compute". INTRODUCTION. QUESTIONNAIRE. ANALYSIS. Respondents gender. Respondents age. Start using computers. Have computer at home. Have internet connection at home. Places where usually use the computer. Reasons of computer usage. Usage frequency. Time people spend using computer. Legal software. Online shopping. CONCLUSION.
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"Vp group company" - Anglų kalba - Prezentacija
Turinys: Vilnius Cooperative College Outline History Invesments and Development VP GROUP Supermarket Reasons of increasing turnover MAXIMA LT retail trade turnover indices „EVERYTHING THOUGHT THROUGH“ Summary
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"America" - Anglų kalba - Analizė
Anglų referatas apie Ameriką. Amercia. The Land. The people. The economy. Administration and social conditions.Culture life.
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"The American People" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Aprašymas apie Amerikos gyventojus, jų buitį, gyvenimą ir kt. American Friendliness, The Violent American, American Provincialism.
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"Growing up with the computer" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Įžanga: Nowadays almost everybody use computer at least once in a week. We can not imagine our lives without it. Computers at home, computers at work, computers in banks, shops and so on. Those people, who don’t like computers very much, are still forced to use them, because there are many things, which you can not do without them any more. In this mini-project I’ve interviewed 20 youngsters between ages of 19-26 to find out for what purposes they use computers, when they learned to use them, how many hours they spend near computer in a day, do they encounter negative-effects, and have they at least one legally bought program at home.
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"21 Anglų kalbos kalbėjimo temos" - Anglų kalba - Konspektas
21 Anglų įskaitos temos: Lithuania, Holidays in Lithuania, London, Vilnius, The cities of Great Britain, My Famous writer (Charles Dickens), The Seasons of the year, Theatre, Great Britain, Cinema, At the doctors, Famous people of Great Britain and America, Travelling, Letter Writing, My plans to the future, Famous people of Lithuania, My school, My flat, My day-off, My working day, Sports.
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"Pagrindiniai anglų kalboje vartojami laikai" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Labai gerai išdėstyti anglų kalbos laikai lentelėje. Patogu mokytis. Present simple. Present continous. Past simple. Past continous.
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"Tourism" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Rašinys anglų kalba, tema - Turizmas (Tourism). Ištrauka: Tourism is now recognized as being an economic activity of global activity activity. This complex and multi-faceted industry plays an important role in the economies of many developed and less developed countries. Although the impact of tourism industry on economic life is generally positive, the economic costs are not insignificant. Additionally, the economic benefits of tourism may be offset by adverse environmental and social consequences. The measurable objective of this course is to give the macroeconomic picture of tourism’s role within national economies using the fundamental concepts learned in introductory economics courses, with specific reference to the Turkish case. Since socio-cultural and environmental impacts also form an essential part of the evaluation of the long-term advantages and disadvantages of tourism development, these issues will also be covered in some detail.
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