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"Anglų kalbos patikrinimo testas" - Anglų kalba - Testas
Anglų kalbos patikrinimo testas. Testą sudaro II dalys. Visi pratimai suskirstyti taškais ir yra vertinimo lentelė. Yra paliktos tusčios vietos, kur rašo užduoties atlikėjas.
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"Ciara Princess Harris" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Kalbejimo tema, arba labai trumpas referatas apie Ciara Princess Harris su nuotrauka.
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"COVERING LETTER" - Anglų kalba - Pavyzdys
Covering letter pavyzdys - lydraštis, laiškas, siunčiamas su siuntiniu, kitu laišku.
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"Direct and Indirect Speech" - Anglų kalba - Konspektas
Tiesioginė ir netiesioginė kalba. Aiški mokomoji medžiaga su lentelėmis, anglų kalba.
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"Fats and Cholesterol" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Tema - riebalai ir cholesterolis. Referatas anglų kalba.
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"Government in Lithuania The UK and The USA" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų kalbos referatas apie valdžią Lietuvoje, Jungtinėje Karalystėje ir Jungtinėse Amerikos Valstijose.
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"My Dream House" - Anglų kalba - Kalba
Kalbėjimo topikas “Mano svajonių namas“ anglų kalba.
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"Viljamas Šekspyras" - Anglų kalba - Prezentacija
William Shakespeare, birth Date, parents and Family, birth Place, education, marriage, children, the works plays, a Shakespeare timeline summary chart.
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"The Environment in Lithuania" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Concerned with environmental deterioration, Lithuanian governments have created several national parks and reservations. The country's flora and fauna have suffered, however, from an almost fanatical drainage of land for agricultural use. Environmental problems of a different nature were created by the development of environmentally unsafe industries, including the Ignalina nuclear power plant, which still operates two reactors similar to those at Chornobyl' (Chernobyl' in Russian), and the chemical and other industries that pollute the air and empty wastes into rivers and lakes. According to calculations by experts, about one-third of Lithuanian territory is covered by polluted air at any given time.
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"United States Of America" - Anglų kalba - Referatas
Anglų kalbos referatas apie Jungtines Amerikos Valstijas. Tema - United States of Amerika. Paminėtos sekančios vietos: CALIFORNIA, San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco, New Yorkas ir t.t. Praktiškai visos žymiausios JAV vietovės.
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"Most popular places in Vilnius" - Anglų kalba - Prezentacija
Populiariausios Vilniaus Vietos. Prezentacija anglų kalba. Most popular places in Vilnius, Vilnius cathedral, The panorama of Vilnius, Gediminas' Castle , St. Annes Church, Ausros Gate Dawn , Vilnius University, TV tower.
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"Via Baltica" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Topikas: Vilnius-Panevezys highway, Via Baltica highway .
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"Vilnius - the city I live in" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Vilnius is the capital and the biggest city of Lithuania. It is situated in the east of Lithuania. The population in Vilnius is half a million.
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"Tourism" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Rašinys anglų kalba, tema - Turizmas (Tourism). Ištrauka: Tourism is now recognized as being an economic activity of global activity activity. This complex and multi-faceted industry plays an important role in the economies of many developed and less developed countries. Although the impact of tourism industry on economic life is generally positive, the economic costs are not insignificant. Additionally, the economic benefits of tourism may be offset by adverse environmental and social consequences. The measurable objective of this course is to give the macroeconomic picture of tourism’s role within national economies using the fundamental concepts learned in introductory economics courses, with specific reference to the Turkish case. Since socio-cultural and environmental impacts also form an essential part of the evaluation of the long-term advantages and disadvantages of tourism development, these issues will also be covered in some detail.
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"Style in letter and its mantaince in translation" - Anglų kalba - Diplominis
TYPES OF LETTERS, STYLES OF LETTERS: (Formal letters, Semi-formal letters) Structure of formal/semiformal letters (Sender’s address, Date, Recipient’s address, Salutation, Punctuation after the salutation, Body, Closing Phrase), Informal letters. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF ENGLISH AND LITHUANIAN STYLES OF LETTER WRIRTING: Application Letter (Structure and Content of Application Letter, Useful language), Curriculum Vitae (CV), Letter of Inquiry (Structure and Content of the Letter of Inquiry), Letter to the Authorities/Editor (Structure and Content of the Letter to the Authorities, Structure and Content of the Letter to the Editor), Letter of Complaint (Structure and Content of the Letter of Complaint), Letters for Special Occasions (Invitation, Structure of invitation letter, Useful language, Congratulation).
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"Buckingham Palace" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Rašinys/topikas apie Bekinghemo rūmus anglijoje (Buckingham Palace) agnlų kalba. Ištrauka: Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of Britain's sovereigns since 1837. It evolved from a town house that was owned from the beginning of the eighteenth century by the Dukes of Buckingham. Today it is The Queen's official residence. Although in use for the many official events and receptions held by The Queen, areas of Buckingham Palace are opened to visitors on a regular basis.
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"Types of traveling, advantages and disatvantages" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų kalba paršyti privalumai ir trūkumai įvairių keliavimo būdų.
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"Protection of the environment" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Planet Earth is 4600 million years old. It is difficult for us to think about such an enormous length of time, but if we simplify it into an understandable idea, we can compare the planet Earth to a person of forty-six years of age. ....
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"Anglų kalbos laikų sudarymas" - Anglų kalba - Konspektas
mokėsite sudaryti ir atpažinti laikus.. tereikia šiek tiek pasimokyt. INDEFINITE: Present Indefinite, Past Indefinite, Future Indefinite, Future Indefinite in the Past. CONTINUOUS: Present continuous, Past Continuous, Future Continuous, Future Continuous in the Past. PERFECT: Present perfect , Past Perfect, Future Perfect, Future Perfect in the Past. PERFECT CONTINUOUS: Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Perfect Continuous, Future in the Past Perfect Continuous.
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"advantages and disadvantages of using a car in a city" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Apibūdinti privalumai ir trūkumai važinėjant mieste automobiliu. Nowadays having a car is as usual as having a pet at home. It’s most noticeable in big cities that many people have got their own cars – thousands of cars are on city roads every day and night. Some people say that they couldn’t live without a car, others say that they don’t need it at all. Let’s see what the merits and demerits of using a car in a city are.
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"Global warming" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų kalbos topikas apie šiltnamio efektą
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"Advantages and disadvantages of living in the city and in the country" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų kalbos topikas tema "Privalumai ir trūkumai, gyventant mieste ir už miesto ribos". (Advantages and disadvantages of living in the city and in the country).
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"An extreme sport" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų kalbos rašinys tema "Ekstremalus sportas"
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"Profile education" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų topic'as apie profilinį mokymą, jo privalumus ir trūkumus, egzaminų sistemą.
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"Shopping" - Anglų kalba - Rašinys
Anglų kalbos rašinys/topikas tema "Shopping"
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